Changing how we think about growing, distributing, buying and eating local fresh food

Soil acidity, salinity, climate change groundwater depletion and food waste are just some of the issues that are challenging our capacity to provide sufficient access to nutritious food for the expected five million West Australian in 2050, and beyond.

Perth NRM, along with key food chain stakeholders recognised that stand-alone efforts cant achieve this outcome and are committing to working collaboratively to meet these challenges.

Food Future WA is about facilitating and harnessing the collective capability of key food supply chain stakeholders, to inform, develop and action a strategic approach to ensuring future generations also have access to the resources to feed themselves.

These ideas have been collated into a document to encourage discussion and a way of thinking about our local fresh food supply that highlights its importance in generating resilient communities. It presents a number of creative ideas to enhance our fresh food system, recognising that we all have a role to play.

Perth NRM has facilitated the development of this document to:

1) ensure we have access to safe, healthy and local fresh food in the future,

2) support adoption of leading sustainability practices in our local food systems,

3) ensure agricultural land is available in urban and peri-urban areas for the sustainable production of local fresh food.

Along with our stakeholders, we recognize that conditions exist that may adversely affect our ability to continue producing sufficient fresh food to feed ourselves in the foreseeable future.

This document is based on best available knowledge at the time of writing and has been developed with community and stakeholder consultation. It is a whole-of-region and multi-stakeholder initiative intended to reflect stakeholder aspirations and priorities for the sector. As such, it considers all aspects of the supply chain including farm management, food production, value adding and food manufacturing, distribution and consumption. Responsibility for the sustainability of our fresh food system rests not only with local producers, but with the entire community.

Click here for a copy of the draft Food Future WA Document