What are Supply Chains?

The food supply chain is the network of stakeholders involved in growing, processing and selling the food that we eat.

It includes:

  • the farmers that research, grow and trade food products
  • the processors that process, value add, manufacture and market food products
  • the distributors, including wholesalers and retailers, that market and sell food
  • the consumers that purchase and consume food
  • the governments, non-government organisations and regulators that monitor and regulate the entire food supply chain from farm to table.

Food Supply chains are often complex and volatile, with many in the supply chain collaborating with other player to address the volatility (KPMG, 2013)

Collaboration up and down the supply chain gives greater viability and security along the supply chain. It also increases influence over factors previously beyond a businesses control, reduces costs and provides access to new skills and resources for innovation.