Perth NRM


Perth NRM is an sustainability organisation with a focus on the environment, both within our agriculture sector and as a growing city. We develop and manage projects and events, and build support through collaborative networks, corporate volunteering, grants, sponsorships and fundraising.

We promote our work and deliver these services through three key initiatives that support our three purposes; Living Landscapes, Food Future WA and Living Perth.

Our Living Landscapes initiative is focussed on supporting the health and resilience of Perth’s native plants, animals and ecosystems for the community to value and enjoy. It aims to protect our natural landscapes by restoring ecological connectivity and managing environmental threats.

Food Future WA is an initiative of Perth NRM to raise awareness about food security for all West Australians. It provides consumers, food producers, suppliers and retailers with information and resources to help ensure sufficient, safe and healthy food now and in the future.

Living Perth supports the concept of an ecologically responsible city where people can live healthy and productive lives while reducing their impact on the environment. It invites people to enjoy and celebrate our unique natural assets and encourages them to make environmentally friendly lifestyle choices.

As a non-profit organisation we work for the Perth community to lead a collaborative and integrated approach to natural resource management.

An important aspect of this is our custodianship of the Swan Region Strategy for NRM; a publicly recognised regional strategy that guides investment into natural resource management. And the Food Future Plan which proposes pathways to achieving sustainably produced secure food for the future.

We are part of a state wide network of NRM organisations that have worked together for more than ten years and manage funded programs at a regional level as part of the Australian Government’s National Landcare Programme.